Our Impact : Health solutions for the poor

Since 2000, The Union has become an influential global network of 500 Union experts based in 12 offices and 17,000 Union members/subscribers, whose work in 156 countries has been supported by US$ 540 million in grants and donations.

The meaning of our work comes from fulfilling our vision: Health solutions for the poor. 



  • 1,000 Union studies lead to 900 papers in peer-reviewed journals and 200 books, chapters and other publications
  • Union clinical trials and operational research result in improved policy and practice
  • 450,000 MDR-TB patients gain hope from research in 13 countries on shorter treatment regimens


  • 1.6 billion people in 34 countries protected by smokefree laws
  • 7.8 million TB patients receive faster TB diagnosis and better care
  • 1.1 million patients with TB and HIV benefit from more effective co-treatment policies.
  • 11,000 healthcare professionals from 95 countries build new clinical, research and management skills.
  • 7,500 researchers from 100+ countries present their latest results at Union World Conferences
  • 250,000 downloads of Union technical resources and journals in a single year support the dissemination of critical new information 


  • 1st Global TB Summit organised by The Union and the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Global TB
  • 300+ parliamentarians sign the Barcelona Declaration to end TB
  • 1.4 million disadvantaged and hard-to-reach people receive TB information
  • 20,000 indigent HIV patients receive antiretroviral treatment