The Union presents awards at the annual World Conference and the General Assembly of members, which takes place during the conference. The Union Medal, The Union's highest honour, and honorary membership are awards given by the membership through the Board of Directors. Both recognise very distinguished careers in TB and lung health and long-time involvement in The Union.

The Karel Styblo Public Health Prize, The Union Scientific Prize and The Union Young Investigator Prize recognise contributions to TB, asthma, HIV, child lung health, tobacco control and related lung conditions. Individuals (and organisations, in the case of the Styblo Prize) may submit applications for these awards. 

The Young Innovator in TB Research Award was established in 2014 through a global partnership between Otsuka and The Union. The aim of the award is to recognise young scientists who have demonstrated a commitment to advancing innovative thinking in tuberculosis (TB) research. Applications may also be submitted for this award.

The annual Christmas Seal Exhibition and Contest is a popular feature of the World Conference, honouring this 111-year old tradition of selling seals to benefit TB and lung disease. Constituent and Organisational Members are invited to participate each year.

Nominations for the Karel Styblo Public Health Prize, The Union Scientific Prize, The Union Young Investigator and the Young Innovator in TB Research Award are now closed.