Mission, Vision and Values


To promote national autonomy within the framework of the priorities of each country by developing, implementing and assessing anti-tuberculosis, lung health and non-communicable disease programmes as well as other public health issues. 

The aims of The Union are:

  • to gather and to disseminate knowledge on all aspects of tuberculosis and lung disease, as well as on resulting community health problems;
  • to alert doctors, decision makers, leaders of opinion and the general public to the dangers presented by tuberculosis, other lung diseases, HIV, and non-communicable diseases as well as the community health problems associated with them;
  • to co-ordinate, assist and promote the work of its members throughout the world;
  • to establish and maintain close links with the World Health Organization, other United Nations organisations, and government and non-government institutions in health and development sectors.


Health solutions for the poor


Quality: we deliver our services and products to the highest possible standards.

Accountability: we are responsible stewards of resources and deliver on our commitments.

Independence: we maintain the freedom to pursue innovation and are guided by the best evidence to improve the health of the poor.

Solidarity: we stand together as one Union to overcome the greatest challenges to improve health among the communities we serve.