Heritage Members

The title heritage member recognises the contribution of long-standing member organisations. The organisations participate in The Union's strategic planning and governance through the General Assembly. After 31 December 2017, no new organisations will be granted this title.

The Union’s heritage members have supported The Union for many years and have helped make vital services and resources available. Heritage members represent their country in shaping the direction of The Union and the global agenda for public health. 

The Union's Heritage Members are:

Australian Respiratory Council, Australia

Ministère de la Santé, Benin

Programme National de lutte contre la Tuberculose Tchad, Chad

Ministerio de Salud de Chile, Chile

Chinese Anti-Tuberculosis Association, China

Comite Antituberculeux De La Cote D'Ivoire, Côte D`Ivoire

Ministerio de Salud Publica y Asistencia Social, El Salvador

Tartu University Hospital, Estonia

Finnish Lung Health Association - Filha Ry, Finland

LungenClinic Grosshansdorf, Germany

Ghana Society For Prevention of TB & Lung Disease, Ghana

Hong Kong TB Chest & Heart Diseases Association, Hong Kong

Reykjavik Health Care Services, Iceland

The Tuberculosis Association of India, India

The Indonesian Association Against Tuberculosis, Indonesia

Israel Lung and Tuberculosis Association, Israel

Kenya Association for Prevention of TB and Lung Disease, Kenya

Korean Institute of Tuberculosis – KIT, Republic of Korea

Ligue de Prévention et d'Action Médico-Sociale, Luxembourg

Ministry of Health and Population, Malawi

Malaysian Association For The Prevention of TB, Malaysia

Nepal Anti-Tuberculosis Association, Nepal

KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, The Netherlands

Nasjonalforeningen For Folkehelsen, Norway

Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Philippines

Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia

SATA CommHealth, Singapore

Swedish Heart Lung Foundation, Sweden

Ligue Pulmonaire Suisse (LPS), Switzerland

National Tuberculosis Association Taipei China, Taiwan

Ministry Of Health, United Rep. Tanzania

The Anti-Tuberculosis Association of Thailand, Thailand

National Hospital of TB And Respiratory Disease, Vietnam

Pakistan Anti TB Association, Pakistan

South African National TB Association – SANTA, South Africa