Coordinating Committee of Scientific Activities (CCSA)

Photo by Steve Forrest / The Union

The CCSA coordinates the development of the scientific programme of the World Conference and oversees approval of official statements and other policy-related decisions.

Keren Middelkoop, Chair

Keren Middelkoop

Dr Middelkoop is a clinician researcher at Desmond Tutu HIV Centre, in the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine (University of Cape Town), performing HIV and TB research. She has been involved in a number of projects spanning HIV and TB research. Dr Middelkoop’s early research involved clinical trials for HIV vaccine candidates and antiretroviral treatment options. Over the past 12 years Dr Middelkoop has focused on largely public health and epidemiology research, including running a number of community based studies on the HIV epidemic and its impact on community TB disease rates and transmission. Dr Middelkoop is currently pursuing her interests in TB transmission studies and expanding her skills in the field of molecular epidemiology. She has co-authored over 38 papers, was the first recipient of the International Union Against TB and Lung Disease’s Young Investigator of the Year award in 2011, and was awarded the AU-TWAS (African Union - The World Academy of Sciences) Young Scientist National Award in 2014.


CCSA Committee members

Subgroup 1

  • Keren Middelkoop, Chair
  • Dr Paul Nunn, TB Section Chair
  • Alaine Umubyeyi Nyaruhirira, Bacteriology and Immunology Sub-Section Chair
  • Linette McElroy, NAPs Sub-Section Chair
  • Alejandro Perera Ortiz, Zoonotic TB Sub-Section Chair
  • Andrew Steenhoff, Adult & Child Lung Health Section Chair
  • Amy Bloom, HIV Section Chair
  • Dr Mira B Aghi, Tobacco Control Section Chair
  • Riitta Dlodlo, Director, Department of TB and HIV
  • Gan Quan, Director, Department of Tobacco Control
  • Ajay Kumar, Director, Department of Research
  • Paula I Fujiwara, Scientific Director
  • Kevin Mortimer, Director, Department of Lung Health 
Subgroup 2

  • Keren Middelkoop, Chair
  • Anete Trajman, Programme Secretary
  • Amanda Christensen, Programme Secretary
  • Simeon Cadmus, Programme Secretary
  • Richard Anthony, Programme Secretary
  • Lisa Cranmer, Programme Secretary
  • Katharina Kranzer, Programme Secretary
  • Sarwat Shah, Programme Secretary
  • Peter Ngo'la Owiti, Civil Society Representative
  • Riitta Dlodlo, Institute representative
  • Paula Fujiwara, Scientific Director
  • Jamhoih Tonsing, Local representative
  • Kevin MortimerDirector, Department of Lung Health