A Century of Leadership in Lung Health

Union Centennial Meme

The Union was founded on 20 October 1920 when representatives from 31 countries pledged to work together to fight TB – an intractable and pervasive problem that at that time had no vaccine, no diagnostic tools and no cure with which to combat it. This central organisation through which the global TB response would be built was founded on the principles of knowledge sharing and global cooperation.

“It is a necessity for all countries wishing to eradicate tuberculosis to agree among themselves on the methods of fighting it, to agree on the most effective weapons, and to forge… them jointly against the common enemy. It is in this spirit and for these ends that we wish to create an International Union Against Tuberculosis.”

-Prof Leon Bérnard, French National Committee, 17 October 1920, Paris, France

As The Union prepares to celebrate its Centennial on 20 October 2020, we draw on those founding principles and invite our friends, members and partners from around the world to join us in celebrating our shared history and reinvigorating our Union.

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