What we do

Vital Strategies: building health systems globally

Vital Strategies partners local commitment with teams of leading global experts in key functional areas:

Much of the near doubling of global life expectancy achieved over the past century can be attributed to advances resulting from medical research. The development of an innovative treatment for tuberculosis, for example, has significantly helped control this disease in many parts of the world. With its commitment to improving real-world health outcomes, Vital Strategies works to push research evidence of all kinds into action.

Project Management
Vital Strategies has leveraged its expertise in project management to bring systems-changing public health initiatives to global scale. We administer programmes driving global change, built a global field staff capable of supporting impactful international programmes, embedded staff within governments to grow their capacity, and trained thousands of professionals from more than 100 countries in public health skills.

Workforce Development
Vital Strategies promotes workforce development as a continuous process to give health departments, NGOs, practitioners and civil society the skills and tools they need to create self-sufficient and sustainable local public health programmes.

Strategic Communication
Clear and impactful communication is critical to the functioning of any public health programme, whether working to change harmful behaviours among a population, promoting new policies or managing public information in a health crisis. Vital Strategies has expertise across the spectrum including advertising, media relations, social and mobile media, and community-level engagement.

Policy Advocacy
We work to craft and promote public health policies that can change the context of health, and advocate for the resources that those policies need to be successful.

Surveillance and Epidemiology
Data is the basis for good public health policymaking and planning. We work to help governments build robust data systems and put data to use. 

Health programmes

Vital Strategies uses a multi-disciplinary approach to tackle persistent health challenges and build health systems. Focal areas include:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Tobacco Control
  • Maternal Health
  • Obesity Prevention
  • East Africa Training Initiative 
  • Data for Health
  • Road Safety 

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