Tobacco Taxes

Putting tax on the agenda in Mexico

In June 2009, The Union hosted a forum for key stakeholders on 'Fiscal policy for Tobacco Control in Mexico' to discuss the importance of tobacco taxation. Following this event, The Union continued to support the National Office for Tobacco Control to develop and champion a bill in the Senate that would eventually lead to a tax increase. After nearly a year of discussion, The Mexican Congress approved a tax increase of up to 37% across all tobacco products on 26 October 2010. Cigarettes cost from 19 to 24 pesos a pack prior to the increase and 26 to 31 pesos after the increase.

The Philippines Sin Tax

The Union has been working with Philippines Department of Health since July 2010 to develop and promote legislation and policies that comply with the Philippines' commitments under the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, including Article 6 on implementing tax and price measures to reduce the demand for tobacco. On 20 December 2012, the Philippines President signed a Sin Tax reform bill into law. 80% of the revenue raised from the tax will go towards government healthcare programmes, including universal healthcare coverage. 15% of the projected revenues will go to affected tobacco farmers and workers.

Three successive tax increases in Egypt

The Union has worked with the Egyptian Ministry of Health and WHO since January 2009 on the Economic project for increasing taxes on tobacco products in Egypt. After project partners collaborated with The Ministry of Finance, The Egyptian Government proceeded to raise tobacco taxes across all tobacco products three times from 2010 to 2012.