Tobacco Packaging and Labeling

Madagascar leads Africa on graphic health warnings

Madagascar became the third country in Africa (after Mauritius and Djibouti) to require picture-based health warnings on cigarette packaging from April 2012. Terms such as "light", "ultra-light", "mild" and "flavoured" in Malagasy or in any other language are also prohibited on packages. The Union worked closely with the National Tobacco Control Office under the project 'Building capacity to introduce pictorial health warnings on tobacco products in Madagascar' during the two years prior to the legislation being passed and implemented.

Sri Lankan graphic health warnings among world's largest

The Government of Sri Lanka released tobacco control legislation on 8 August 2012 that requires the country to adopt warnings that cover 80% of the tobacco package, making them among the world's largest pictorial health warnings. The Union worked with Sri Lanka's National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol (NATA) from January 2009 to strengthen legislation on health warnings and other tobacco control measures.