From 2005 to the end of 2008, The Union collaborated with the Ministry of Health (MOH), the National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP) and the National AIDS Programme (NAP) of Benin on an Integrated HIV Care for Tuberculosis Patients Living with HIV/AIDS (IHC) Programme. An office was established in Benin's capital, Cotonou, to oversee and coordinate activities. Activities were implemented in 20 TB diagnostic and treatment centres (DTCs) in all regions of the country. All DTCs offered HIV testing to their TB patients and provided cotrimoxazole prophylaxis.

The NAP accredited several DTCs as antiretroviral (ARV) prescribing sites. DTCs located near an existing NAP site referred patients eligible for antiretroviral treatment (ART) to that site. Stocks of rapid HIV tests and antiretroviral medications purchased by the project were handed over to the NAP, which distributed them to the DTCs and committed to continue supplying them after the project ended in November 2008. DTCs not located near an NAP laboratory were provided with equipment and consumables for performing manual CD4 cell counts.

By the end of the project, over 100 health care workers (doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians) had received specific HIV training. TB patients diagnosed with HIV were placed on cotrimoxazole prophylaxis and, when eligible, started on antiretroviral therapy shortly after the diagnosis of their TB. More than 3,500 TB patients benefitted from HIV diagnosis and care under the IHC programme in Benin.