ART provided in Myanmar through The Union's "4P" approach

The IHC model is based on The Union’s “4P” approach – a partnership between patients, the public sector and the private sector. The private sector is represented by The Union, which facilitates the integration of HIV care into existing public health services on be- half of the patients.

IHC services are now offered in 14 townships to any HIV patient (with or without TB); and patients no longer have to prove they reside in the catchment area. These changes have greatly increased the project’s scope.

IHC works not only with Myanmar’s National AIDS (NAP) and National TB (NTP) Programmes, but also hospitals, township health centres, laboratories, social service departments, pharmacies and patient self-help groups. The Union provides technical, human resources and financial support to enhance their performance and increase their reach.

The Union also assists with monitoring and evaluation, identifying opportunities to use operational research to improve the programme.