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Over the past several years,  The Union and its partners have been working to highlight the fact that lung diseases kill more than 10 million people a year.

Union Activities

Building awareness of chronic respiratory disease and other NCDs

The Union has joined international efforts to raise awareness of the threat caused by the increase in non-communicable diseases as a partner in the Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) Alliance with the World Heart Federation, International Diabetes Federation and the Union for International Cancer Control. NCDs, including not only chronic respiratory diseases, but also cancer and diabetes, are under-recognised and under-funded by health systems. As the burden of disease in low- and middle-income countries begins to shift from infectious diseases to non-communicable diseases, this issue is a major public health challenge.

Many of these diseases, such as diabetes and tuberculosis, are linked, creating complex challenges for health care systems. It is The Union's goal to help meet these challenges and find health solutions for the poor. Learn more at

Diabetes: heading off a new co-epidemic

Global data shows that diabetes increases the risk of tuberculosis by a factor of two or three. With an estimated 415 million diabetic patients worldwide and the number predicted to grow to 642 million by 2040, the diabetes epidemic threatens to cause an escalation in TB incidence as well as complicate the management of the disease. Read more

Applying The Union model to asthma

Over the past 15 years, helping low- and middle-income countries manage asthma has been one of The Union's priorities. The Union has developed an approach to asthma management that is based on our successful approach to tuberculosis and produced a guide outlining its recommendations.  Read more.

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