Advertising in the International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IJTLD) is an excellent means to reach the physicians, health workers, researchers, decision makers, professors and students interested in tuberculosis, lung health and HIV. Consulted regularly by over 20 000 readers, the IJTLD is distributed in over 145 countries worldwide each month to public health centres, medical, university and pharmaceutical libraries, hospitals, clinics, foundations and institutions, making it an ideal vehicle for your lung health-related advertising needs. Advertising in the IJTLD provides a platform for:

Medical and health companies to showcase their products and services to health professionals throughout the world.
Publishing companies to announce new lung health-related publications to professionals and individuals in public health worldwide.
Foundations to promote their projects, events and special interests on a global scale.
Educational institutions & associations to recruit staff and announce public health-related publications, activities, conferences, courses and academic programmes to interested health professionals worldwide.

Electronic advertising

The online version of the IJTLD, hosted by Ingenta at read by more than 20 000 experts in the fields of lung health, tuberculosis, public health and infectious diseases.

IJTLD Ingenta homepage placements

Electronic advertising options include highly visible leaderboards, skyscrapers or navigation bar placements 

e-TOC ad placement

Electronic Table of Contents (e-TOC)

Exclusive positioning is also available in the IJTLD e-TOC sent to 50 000 Union contacts each month

Print advertising

The print version of the IJTLD is sent to hundreds of individuals, hospitals, libraries and medical institutions world-wide. 

Print ad image

Covers & inside pages available 

A full-page, 4-colour ad in high definition will be sure to catch the eye of our readers 



 Full information on print & online advertising in the IJTLD in 2019 can be found in our Media Pack

Please e-mail the Editorial Office if you have any questions or would like to make a booking
All advertising is subject to approval by the Editorial Office in Paris