Legal workshops for tobacco control

Course Description

Legislation is at the heart of tobacco control and the progress of FCTC implementation in various regions has lead different stakeholders to start lodging appeals against tobacco control laws. The legal arguments wielded by interest groups and the subsequent court decisions show that tobacco control proponents need to become more competent in handling legal cases.

The legal workshops aim to bring together government officials, NGOs and members of legislatures to share the experiences that each face in tobacco control legislation to improve the tools available to support and strengthen tobacco control initiatives.

The workshops are especially in high demand in Latin America, where progress towards tobacco control is met with legal challenges. This workshop is available in other regions upon request. 

Benefits of Attending:

  • Contribute to the capacity building efficiency and effectiveness of stakeholders' work in policies for tobacco control legal initiatives.
  • Collaborate on the consolidation of the tobacco control process initiatives and provide guidance on legal technical knowledge application.
  • Generate and stimulate law practice strategy management, based on professional skills development and support of the FCTC (for example: legislation, litigation, use of Constitutional Rights arguments and International Treaties).
  • Exchange of experiences and lessons learnt in the legislative process and tobacco industry interferences.

Offical Language: English