The Union’s TB-HIV courses promote high-quality clinical management and well-coordinated collaborative TB and HIV services for the 1.1 million patients who require simultaneous care for both diseases.

I Curso Internacional de Manejo Clínico de Pacientes con Co-Infección TB/VIH

Lima , Peru — -

El curso está dirigido principalmente a médicos y enfermeras que trabajan con pacientes con TB, VIH o directamente TB-VIH. El curso también es adecuado para directores de programas de VIH/SIDA y TB, así como tomadores de decisiones. Formadores clínicos y mentores también pueden beneficiarse del curso. El número máximo de asistentes no debe ser superior a 30, para facilitar la interactividad entre los participantes y los profesores. 

TB-HIV Clinical Management Course

This intensive course covers fundamental facts about TB-HIV clinical management and the latest evidence and experience. Theory is complemented by practical learning through case studies and role plays. The content can be adapted to the country where the course is being held and ample time is allotted for participants to share opinions and clinical questions. The aim is to harmonise clinical management of co-infected patients and provide both TB and HIV clinicians with the skills needed to deliver high-quality care even in resource-constrained settings. 

Working Together – Strengthening the Implementation of Collaborative TB-HIV Activities

The objective of this course is to improve national implementation of collaborative TB-HIV activities, as measured by achievement against selected key indicators from the World Health Organization and Stop TB Partnership's Global Plan to Stop TB. The curriculum is designed to train leaders from both TB and AIDS programmes to work together on TB-HIV issues to bring about changes in policy at the national level and ultimately improve outcomes for patients.