Sir Alimuddin Zumla

Professor Sir Alimuddin Zumla received his award via a pre-recorded speech since he was unable to attend in person. Professor Zumla's work has focused on improving global health, with an emphasis on assisting disadvantaged peoples of the world.

Sir Professor Alimuddin Zumla is internationally renowned for his outstanding and extensive research, capacity development, training, advocacy and charitable contributions to the global fight against killer infectious diseases.  Despite contracting life threatening tuberculosis (TB) meningitis while working as a junior doctor in London in 1982, and suffering lifelong crippling neurological sequelae, Sir Zumla progressed to a ‘star-studded career’, making unique and seminal contributions in the fields of infectious diseases and global health, particularly TB, TB/HIV co-infections and emerging respiratory tract infectious diseases with epidemic potential which threaten global health security. 

Sir Zumla has over 650 publications including 14 journal ‘theme’ series on TB and respiratory tract infections, 20 medical textbooks with a global authorship, including the classics: “Tuberculosis - A Comprehensive Clinical Reference”; “Manson’s Tropical Diseases”; and “Granulomatous Disorders”.

As a staunch global advocate for poverty-related diseases, he effectively brings together scientists, politicians, advocates, civil society and charity groups to have a multiplier effect.  Sir Zumla is well known for his motto which states: ‘Everyone should hold hands together and move forward in the fight against infectious diseases’.

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