Bali Summit on TB and Diabetes

On 2–3 November, The Union and the World Diabetes Foundation convened the first-ever global summit on the looming co-epidemic of TB and diabetes in Bali, Indonesia.

Hosted by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Indonesia, the summit brought together representatives of diverse backgrounds and responsibilities – government officials, leaders from multilateral agencies, researchers and technical experts, private-sector actors and members of civil society –to address an urgent public health challenge: the deadly interaction between tuberculosis and diabetes mellitus.

The growing burden of these two linked diseases will increasingly impact health systems around the world, testing their capacity to respond to an infectious disease and a non-communicable disease through a coordinated approach. Responding effectively will require new innovations in the pursuit of public health, adapted to local contexts.

The two-day summit provided an opportunity for participants to learn from each other’s efforts to address TB-diabetes to date and a platform for discussing how to change the trajectory of this dual epidemic.

Of course, the summit was only the beginning – and the most important work lies ahead. As a reflect of their commitment to translate good ideas into tangible action, the summit delegates signed the Bali Declaration on Tuesday, 3 November 2015.

Read the Bali Declaration.