Vancouver hosts the 21st Conference of The Union North America Region

Tuberculosis (TB) in minority populations was a major theme at this year’s Union North America Region Conference in Vancouver, Canada from 22-25 February. Hosted by Union Organisational Member, British Columbia Lung Association, the conference brought together 300 delegates from the region.

Professor Madhukar Pai, Director of the McGill Global Health Programs, delivered the George Comstock Lecture, which focused on not only increasing TB care, but emphasising the delivery of quality services. 

Stephen Lewis, the co-founder and co-director of AIDS-Free world, presented the keynote lecture on Friday, in which he examined the present state of TB, drawing comparisons with the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and forecasting the future of global public health in the era of Donald Trump as US President. He asked why are we still seeing slow progress in tackling TB despite so many new and promising initiatives? And what can be done? 

The Union’s Executive Director, José Luis Castro, spoke with conference delegates and met with Union members at an informal event in the exhibition area. Discussing the impact of The Union Region Conferences worldwide and the contribution that our network of members makes in organising these events, he said:

“Our conferences are forums that bring groups together and enable the discussion of issues; informing government policies and agendas. These are platforms that are both locally relevant and yet a major force in global conversations about lung diseases and, by extension, public health.”

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