Union training delivers core skills and best practice techniques to aid TB prevention

For the past 30 years, healthcare workers providing care to persons with tuberculosis (TB) and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) and co-morbidities have turned to The Union to learn fundamental skills and the latest best practices.

The Union’s international TB courses are held throughout the world and focus on issues ranging from epidemiology, challenges in medical management and TB control, care and prevention.

One such course, the International Course on Epidemiology and TB Control, held its 25th edition in Lima, Peru, in May. Taught in Spanish, this nine-day training course focused on updating participants on the latest advances in the field, operational management and best practices in the control of TB in low- and middle-income countries.

Also occurring in May, was Principles of TB Care and Prevention:  Translating Knowledge to Action, a revised version of the comprehensive International TB Course. Recognising the learning needs of various audiences as well as time constraints for course attendance, The Union’s Training and Education Department implemented a blended learning approach, allowing participants to engage in self-study at their own pace before convening in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, for the week and half course that included two days of structured supervised visits in the field with targeted outputs.

These interactive methods, flexible teaching styles, and multimedia integration in coursework are helping The Union to deliver the latest science, technology, methodology and best practices to healthcare workers around the world.

For more information on The Union’s training courses, please visit the courses section of our website.