Union members meet at the General Assembly to set the direction for The Union’s 100th year

The General Assembly provides members with the opportunity to review the past year, plan for the upcoming year, elect new members and officers to the Board of Directors and to conduct other business.

As The Union enters its 100th year in 2020, the members are focused on driving member recruitment to build and steer The Union on its path and enable it in the fight against tuberculosis (TB) and to impact on the devastating effects of chronic lung disease in low and middle income countries.

Dr Jeremiah Chakaya Muhwa, The Union President, updated attendees on The Union’s achievements from 2018, including 290,000 people screened for TB through Union projects and over 200 TB survivors trained to advocate on behalf of patients in India.

Two new Individual Member Representatives, Ingrid Schoeman (South Africa) and Mira Aghi (India), were elected to the Board of Directors.

The Nominating Committee received eight applications for the two vacant seats. The Board of Directors is the governing body of The Union, consisting of Bureau members, regional representatives, scientific section representatives, individual member representatives and members nominated by the President for special expertise, who on election are responsible for both the development and implementation of strategic plans for The Union.

The results of the 2019 Christmas Seals Contest, which celebrates the century-long tradition of selling commemorative stamps, or “seals”, to raise funds for TB and other lung diseases during the Christmas holiday season. Third place went to the Korean National Tuberculosis Association, second place went to the Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association (JATA) and the host country to the 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health came first with the entry from the Tuberculosis Association of India.

Concluding his last General Assembly as The Union President, Dr Chakaya welcomed Prof Guy Marks as the incoming president who will take lead of the organisation on Saturday 2 November, the closing day of the 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health.

The General Assembly is held annually at the Union World Conference and is attended by members of all types – heritage, organisational, honorary and individual members.

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