Top lung health experts gather in Cairo for the 29th Conference of The Union Middle East Region

The 29th Conference of The Union Middle East Region, in conjunction with the 59th International Congress of the Egyptian Society of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis (ESCT), assembled a broad coalition of lung health experts in Cairo last month (27-30 March 2018).

The conference featured a wide range of scientific symposia, case-solving interactive sessions, plenary sessions and workshops. Topics covered included tuberculosis (TB); multidrug-resistant TB, TB in children and adolescents, and diabetes-TB, as well as asthma and pulmonary infections. Topical and critical issues such as air pollution, air quality, and sleep disorders also featured.

Prof Mohamed Awad Tag El Din, President of the ESCT, and member of The Union’s Board of Directors, said “This annual meeting is the biggest event for pulmonologists in Egypt and the Arab World. It is critical that we have this platform to update chest physicians with the latest expertise and I am delighted that this year’s event attracted so many highly experienced experts in the field.”

Speaking recently about the value of The Union’s Region Conferences, Dr Jeremiah Chakaya Muhwa, President, The Union, said, “The Union’s Region Conferences are an essential platform for raising critical issues and connecting the science community with broader networks and audiences. They are what make The Union unique and truly impactful. Thank you to everyone who attends, inputs, collaborates and travels, often long distances, to make these meetings matter.”

The Honorary Lecture entitled ‘Map of Chest Diseases in Egypt’ was delivered by Prof Mohamed Awad Tag El Din. Keynote international speakers included: Prof Nesri Padayatchi, Honorary Lecturer; University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa; Prof Hideo Saka, Deputy Director at the Department of Clinical Research Management, Nagoya Medical Center in Japan; and Prof Fumihiro Asano, Chairman of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Gifu University, Japan. The conference attracted 1,240 registered participants.

The Union Middle East Region is made up of approximately 100 organisations and individuals. Its constituent members are the Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia; the Federal Ministry of Health, Sudan; and the Turkish Anti-TB Association.