The Union’s IMDP to partner with US National Tuberculosis Controllers Association

The Union's International Management Development Programme (IMDP) has formed a new partnership with the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association (NTCA) to provide training opportunities for TB controllers from across the United States. The focus will be on building their management skills through such IMDP core courses as leadership, project management, strategic planning, communication and networking.

The NTCA was created in 1995 to bring together the leaders of tuberculosis control programmes in all US states and territories, as well as the counties and city health departments that organise their own TB control activities.  The organisation’s main objective is to advance and advocate for TB control and elimination in the US by developing and providing a collective voice for TB controllers and supporting the efforts of agencies and organisations working at local, state and territorial levels.

“NTCA is fortunate to be able to partner with the IMDP as the course portfolio both complements and supplements that provided by the RTMCCs and the CDC”, said Donna Hope Wegener, Executive Director, National TB Controllers Association. “As a member of CDC Train, IMDP provides our state, big city and territorial TB controllers and senior program staff with targeted training at the very high level of management expertise their jobs demand. We hope to take advantage of all US-based courses offered by the IMDP.”

The Union’s IMDP will support NTCA’s goals by training US health professionals in specific management competencies that are critical to the success of TB control programmes.  For example, “Influencing, Networking and Partnering”, which will be held from September 29 to October 3, 2014 in Chicago, trains participants to be persuasive advocates, to make connections across professions and organisations and build effective alliances — all skills that are key to the NTCA’s mission.

"Although the US does not have a high burden of TB, TB is everywhere – and the US TB community is acutely aware of the need for vigilance in keeping programmes ‘at the ready’”, said Thomas Stuebner, Director of the IMDP. “The IMDP exists to serve these public health champions by providing management training that supports them in planning, budgeting, evaluation and all aspects of health systems management."  

The IMDP is based in The Union North America Office in New York and offers courses around the world. In addition to offering core management trainings, IMDP faculty work with public health organisations at every level to develop and present custom-designed training plans. The IMDP has trained over 4,000 health professionals from national TB control and tobacco control programmes, other public health sectors, NGOs and INGOs, The Global Fund and the United Nations Development Programme.  IMDP’s courses are accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and/or the European Board for Accreditation in Pneumology (EBAP).

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