The Union welcomes the launch of new Global Alliance Against Chronic Respiratory Diseases website

A new website, launched by the Global Alliance Against Chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD), provides a central point for information and resources for the global lung health community.

GARD was officially formed on 28 March 2006 in Beijing, People’s Republic of China, as a voluntary alliance of 41 national and international organisations, institutions and agencies united in improving lung health worldwide, of which The Union is a participant. The Global Alliance recognises that a unified effort to improve diagnosis and medical care is needed, as most chronic respiratory diseases are under-diagnosed, under-treated and the access to essential medications in many countries is poor.

The new website furthers efforts central to GARD’s principals, by creating a network through which collaborating parties can combine their strengths and knowledge, and by facilitating coordination between existing governmental and nongovernmental programmes to maximise resources.

The launch of the new GARD site has been timed to coincide with the 11th GARD General Meeting, taking place 9-11 November 2017 at the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium, where participating entities will come together to discuss comprehensive approaches to fight chronic respiratory diseases.

The full programme of the General Meeting is available for download here (PDF 547 KB)