The Union presents ‘3P Project’ to World Economic Forum on Africa

On 3 May, The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) participated in a high-level panel discussion on tuberculosis (TB) research and development (R&D), organised by the Government of South Africa as part of the World Economic Forum on Africa 2017

A key priority for the meeting was the urgent need for collaboration and innovation to develop new TB treatments and the role that the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region can play in achieving this.

The Union presented the 3P project, a new approach for incentivising the collaborative development of better and more affordable TB treatment for all who need it. The panel heard how, with its innovative approach, the 3P project will encourage companies and academic institutes to invest in R&D for new affordable and accessible TB regimens.

Speaking after the event Grania Brigden, 3P Project Lead, The Union, said:

“With 100,000 people dying from TB, and over 10,000 cases of Multidrug Resistant-Tuberculosis (MDR-TB) annually in South Africa, the personal and economic cost of TB for South Africa and the SADC region is profound.

“The 3P project aims to combat this by rapidly accelerating the delivery of affordable new regimens for TB through an open process to drug development and novel approaches to financing R&D.  We are indebted to the South African Government for their support and leadership in taking the 3P project forward.”

The panel agreed that with collective action in open, collaborative frameworks, as demonstrated in the 3P project, a new pan-TB regimen could be developed which would help to reverse the impact of TB in the region.

The South African Medical Research Council and Department of Science and Technology also presented some of the ground-breaking research currently being undertaken in South Africa, while private sector companies discussed the important role they have to play in ensuring the development and availability of future treatments.

This side event was facilitated by Ms Precious Matsoso, Director General, Department of Health with a panel that included Prof Richard Gordon, Executive Director, Grants, Innovation and Product Development Unit, South African Medical Research Council, Dr Grania Brigden, The Union, Ms Glaudina Loots, Director, Department of Science and Technology, Dr Ayo Ajayi, Africa Director, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Mr Andile Sangqu, Vice President, Chamber of Mines.

The May WHO Bulletin features an editorial on the 3P Project