The Union congratulates the NCD Alliance on its 10 year anniversary

The NCD Alliance, founded on the vision for a world where everyone has the opportunity for a healthy life, free from preventable suffering, stigma and death caused by non-communicable diseases (NCDs), celebrated its 10th anniversary this week.

The Union, a founding member of the NCD Alliance, congratulates the organisation on leading the global NCD movement. José Luis Castro, Executive Director of The Union, served as Chair and then President of the NCDA Board until May 2019. He said:

“It was an honour to have assumed the role of first President of NCD Alliance during such a historic and transformative period. The global NCD movement – our network, NCDA supporters and advisers, federations, and team – is stronger than ever. We are more informed and assertive, more determined and relentless, more connected and unified. I am optimistic that together we will turn the tide on NCDs, ensuring that they take less of a toll on the lives of people everywhere. I would like to congratulate the incoming President and Board, I have no doubt that under their leadership NCDA will continue to go from strength to strength”.

The new Board of the NCD Alliance was elected on 19 May and Todd Harper took over from José Luis Castro as the incoming President. José continues to serve on the Board of Directors of the organisation.

“Together we are stronger”, says José Luis Castro in this heartfelt message, where he thanks to all who contributed to a decade of the NCD Alliance.

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