STREAM Community Advisory Board holds community outreach event to raise awareness about TB and HIV, in Durban, South Africa

Earlier this year, the STREAM Community Advisory Board (CAB) in Durban, South Africa carried out a community outreach event, ‘Our Responsibility. If not infected you are affected’. The event was held at Zinto Cele Park, Umlazi, and sought to raise awareness about tuberculosis (TB), multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), HIV, and TB clinical trials, which are ongoing at the site, including the STREAM trial.

The event was well attended with representatives from local NGOs, religious and traditional leaders, as well as TB stakeholders, including the TB coordinator from the municipal Department of Health. 

During the course of the day, CAB members gave talks on TB and MDR-TB. Participants gathered to listen to CAB members and TB experts provide much needed information about TB and HIV. Experts were also available to answer questions about STREAM and other clinical trials.

As well as providing key information about prevention, screening was also conducted during the day. Neighboring communities of Umlazi D section received home visits from the local Community Care Givers and the CAB members, during which they addressed prevention and treatment of TB, MDR-TB, and HIV and provided the opportunity for families to be screened.

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