Selected tuberculosis research papers made free to mark World TB Day

A curated collection of featured content from The Union’s monthly, peer-reviewed scientific journal, the International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IJTLD) is now free to mark World TB Day 2020.

Six papers on different aspects of TB research published over the past 12 months, and which are normally only available to view by Union Members and subscribers*, are now free to access for the next two weeks, including:


What will it take to eliminate drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB)?

Authors:  Kendall, E. A.Sahu, S.Pai, M.Fox, G. J.Varaine, F.Cox, H.Cegielski, J. P.Mabote, L.Vassall, A.Dowdy, D. W.

DR-TB is challenging to diagnose, treat and prevent, but this is slowly changing. If the world is to drastically reduce the incidence of DR-TB, we must stop the creation of new strains of DR-TB as an essential first step, as well addressing the treatment needs of ongoing DR-TB.


The effects of diabetes mellitus (DM) on TB treatment outcomes

Authors: Huangfu, P.Ugarte-Gil, C.Golub, J.Pearson, F.Critchley, J.

To date a synthesis of evidence has suggested that diabetes as a co-morbidity of TB worsens TB treatment outcomes. However, these reviews are limited by the number, robustness and conflicting results among the studies included. This systematic review looks to update earlier analyses and explore heterogeneity among studies.


The impact of alcohol use on TB treatment outcomes

Authors: Ragan, E. J.Kleinman, M. B.Sweigart, B.Gnatienko, N.Parry, C. D.Horsburgh, C. R.LaValley, M. P.Myers, B.Jacobson, K. R.

Alcohol use is associated with an increased risk of developing TB disease, yet the impact of alcohol use on TB treatment outcomes has not been summarised.

This paper reviews evidence of the relationship between alcohol use and poor TB treatment outcomes, through a systematic review of PubMed, EMBASE, and Web of Science (January 1980–May 2018).


Effectiveness of community-based Directly Observed Treatment Short (DOTS) strategy on TB treatment

Authors: Kibuule, D.Rennie, T. W.Ruswa, N.Mavhunga, F.Thomas, A.Amutenya, R.Law, M. R.Günther, G.Ette, E.Godman, B.Verbeeck, R. K.

DOTS therapy is a key pillar of the global strategy to end TB. This study assesses the effectiveness of community-based DOTS, compared with facility-based DOTS, on TB treatment success rates in Namibia.


Risk of catastrophic costs of TB treatment

Authors: Stracker, N.Hanrahan, C.Mmolawa, L.Nonyane, B.Tampi, R.Tucker, A.West, N.Lebina, L.Martinson, N.Dowdy, D.

The devastating costs of treatment as well as loss of earnings incurred by people with active TB are highlighted by the World Health Organization End TB Strategy goal of ‘zero TB-affected families facing catastrophic costs due to TB’.

This paper looks to estimate the costs to people with TB and to identify demographic, clinical, and socio-economic risk factors for catastrophic costs among people being treated for TB at public primary care clinics in rural South Africa.


Interventions to improve care for TB Infection

Authors: Barss, L.Moayedi-Nia, S.Campbell, J. R.Oxlade, O.Menzies, D.

People with TB can, and all too often, do ‘go missing’ throughout the TB infection cascade of care, which can result in suboptimal rates of effective treatment.

This systematic review and meta-analysis looks to estimate the effects of a range of interventions in a bid to reduce losses in the TB infection cascade before treatment completion.


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