HIV education initiative works with students and communities in Myanmar

Students in Myanmar are learning about HIV/AIDS through interactive workshops and health talks as part of a six-month education and outreach initiative led by The Union Office in Myanmar. Staff and volunteers are speaking with students in middle and high schools in and around Mandalay to discuss HIV/AIDS, effective prevention methods, modes of transmission and to encourage open dialogue.

The Cooperative HIV Prevention Project works in schools, as well as workplaces and community centres, through participatory sessions where attendees work through themes using role play and discussion.

The project relies on the support of the Spectrum PLHIV (people living with HIV) Network, which conducts many of these activities, organises support groups and information sessions and connects patients to treatment services. The Union credits this network as being one of the primary resources for HIV prevention in Mandalay.

As part of this same outreach effort, Union staff and volunteers are conducting workshops to encourage strong community ties and to empower people living with HIV in Myanmar, in an effort to grow their network and improve HIV prevention.

The Cooperative HIV Prevention Project is funded by a grant from Total E & P Myanmar and supports ongoing Union work in HIV prevention and care in Myanmar.