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Scientific Sections and Working Groups

The Union's scientific sections and working groups offer members an opportunity to affiliate with others who share the same interests and collaborate on research, publications and projects. One of their principal activities is to propose sessions and contribute to the planning of The Union World Conference on Lung Health, the largest annual conference focusing on lung health issues as they affect low- and middle income populations. They also participate in the governance of The Union through the General Assembly.

Read about the highlights from the work of The Union's scientific sections and working groups.


Scientific Sections

As a member, you will choose one of the following sections and sub-sections (optional) to affiliate with:

  • Tuberculosis Section
    • Nurses & Allied Professionals Sub-Section
    • Bacteriology & Immunology Sub-Section
    • Zoonotic TB Sub-Section
  • Tobacco Control Section
    • Nurses & Allied Professionals Sub-Section
  • Adult and Child Lung Health Section (consists of adult and child lung health, including childhood TB)
    • Nurses & Allied Professionals Sub-Section
  • HIV Section
    • Nurses & Allied Professionals Sub-Section

Working Groups

As a section member, you will also be invited to join up to three working groups. Current working groups include:

  • TB, HIV and Tobacco
  • TB and mental health
  • TB control in prisons
  • TB and migration
  • TB infection control
  • TB education and training
  • Global Indigeneous Stop TB Initiative
  • Protecting children from tobacco industry interference in health policy
  • Post- TB lung Disorders
  • Creating global awareness of zoonotic TB
  • Asthma managment in low- and middle-income countries
  • Maternal-child TB   
  • Air pollution and lung health
  • Drug-resistant TB
  • Tuberculosis and ethics
  • MPOWER in research group in tobacco control

To find out more about sections, sub-sections and working groups and how to get involved, please contact us.